Swiftech Announces New Water Cooling for Radeon HD7970

Keeps your fiery Radeon HD7970 cool when overclocking

American cooling company Swiftech has just announced the KOMODO-HD7970 full cover VGA waterblock on their official website. This is a single slot water cooling solution compatible with AMD’s Radeon HD7970 video cards.

Swiftech is one of the founding fathers of water cooling for personal computers, and it’s now offering enthusiasts a very good water block that takes care of cooling the GPU, video memory and the voltage regulation modules.

Swiftech says that proper cooling of all the critical components will lead to a stable and reliable operation during a high overclock.

The company calls its product a “true full water-block,” and says the Komodo HD7970 is “an industry first.”

It covers the full length of the card and uses all the PCB mounting points, thus resulting in better protection for the adapter against physical damage from bending or hitting the card.

Swiftech claims the Komodo HD7970 offers better thermal performance thanks to its micro-pin matrix technology with pins measuring 0.25 x 0.25 millimeters. The manufacturer also says that its design offers moderate flow restriction for powerful water pumps that might tune down their engine during lesser work, or for users with less powerful pumps.

The metallic block has laser-engraved markings and a LED back-lit logo, so that the user can see it working. It comes with an anodized aluminum back plate to offer better protection for the components located on the back side of the card.

It comes with pre-applied thermal pads for all the essential components, and has an optional CrossFireX bridge that will cost you an extra 25 USD, or around 19 EUR.

The Komodo HD7970 will allow you to have a Quad Radeon HD7970 configuration with four single-slot cards using two CrossFireX bridges.

The water-block comes with a price tag of 155 USD. That’s around 119 EUR for European buyers.


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