SwiftKey Flow Beta Brings a Load of Enhancements

The new application flavor also comes with a variety of bug fixes

A new flavor of the SwiftKey Flow for Android devices is now available for download, namely version, which is still part of the Beta releases from the company.

This is one of the last beta iterations of the app set to arrive on devices before the final, gold app flavor is made available for download, and brings along a variety of enhancements.

In fact, the new SwiftKey Flow Beta version comes with a hefty load of changes packed inside, as well as with a great deal of bug fixes, all aimed at making user experience more pleasant that before.

Following the upgrade to the new app release, users will enjoy Predictions (and Flow) in most apps where they need a keyboard, except for: email fields, passwords, places where app doesn’t behave itself with SwiftKey, and fields with their own corrections on Android 2.2 and older).

Swiftkey now offers easier corrections, with three possibilities offered for a tapped word, as well as support for new languages, including Thai, Vietnamese, Bosnian, Albanian, Javan, and Sundanese (plus those added in 3.1).

Other changes in the new release include:

- Features from SwiftKey 3.1: Berry theme, split layout in landscape on phones, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Georgian, Hindi, Hinglish, Irish, Macedonian, Spanish (Latin America) and Tagalog

- New layouts for Hindi and Russian

- Ukrainian landscape layout fixed

- Backspacing on to the final word of a multi word prediction (Flow through space) will now give better alternatives

- Typing style now inferred rather than a setting

- Long press delete accelerates after the first word

As mentioned above, the new app flavor also comes with various fixes, such as flowing off shift no longer triggers a change in shift state, or one for a bug that caused Flow to get stuck when flowing off the bottom of a page.

Other bugs resolved in the new release include one related to quick period after single letter words, the repeating arrow key, Azeri capital i behavior, prediction of Estonian words containing ö, force closes of beta predictions, and another with the flow trace being left behind after flowing.

The new app release brings the following fixes as well:

- Learning when sending messages or tabbing between fields with the enter key fixed

- Mounting an SD card will turn predictions off only if SwiftKey language packs are stored on that SD card

- Keyclick sounds no longer doubled

- Haptic duration made consistent with flow on and off

The SwiftKey Flow Beta still packs a series of issues inside, though they should be resolved before the final flavor of the app is made available for download.

SwiftKey Flow Beta is available for download for both Android smartphones and tablet PCs, and can be found on this page on Softpedia.

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