Sweet Orange Exploit Kit Developers Boast About Their Creation’s Capabilities

They claim that it can drive 150,000 unique daily visitors to malicious sites

BlackHole is the most famous and the most utilized exploit kit these days, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t others that have the potential to compete with it. One of them is the Sweet Orange exploit kit, which is presumably capable of some impressive things.

According to Blue Coat experts, the developers of Sweet Orange boast that their creation has a small footprint, a high infection rate, and the ability to drive 150,000 unique daily visitors to a website.

They claim that around 10% to 25% of those who land on the malicious website will be infected, meaning that at least 15,000 bots should be added to the botnet each day.

So far, experts have managed to identify 45 different IP addresses and 367 domains utilized by Sweet Orange, which makes the 150,000 unique daily visitors forecast sound valid.

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