Swedish Pirate Party Banned from Gaming Show

It seems as they're not welcome at the event anymore

The Pirate Party was banned last minute from Gamex, Sweden's largest gaming exhibition, after some of the organizers considered they were too controversial to take part in the event.

According to TorrentFreak, after they booked a booth as a result of an invitation from the sales people, they received a notice that they're not welcome anymore as their beliefs may be considered illegal by some of the participants.

“The Pirate Party would have been in place inside the show, but now we will not be. We are simply no longer welcome,” said Pirate Party leader Anna Troberg.

The organization prepared to be part of the event that would host major players of the industry such as Activision, Electronic Arts, Microsoft and Nintendo, but now, as it turns out, all the advertising was for nothing.

“On Tuesday afternoon, I called a representative of the show with a few simple practical questions, but she seemed generally stressed out and said something vague about the show and not wanting any problems before she hung up,” Troberg revealed.

“I thought it was a bit strange, but in the afternoon, the pieces fell into place when the fair manager, Bear Wengse, phoned me and kindly, but firmly, announced that the Pirate Party was no longer welcome at the fair.”

Some might think that the organizers don't want any political parties at the event, but as it turns out, the Swedish Social Democratic Youth League will be present. The simplest explanation is that some of the entertainment industry's representatives didn't want someone who can influence their present customers.

Even though the Pirate Party stated in many cases that all they want to do is change the laws in a democratic manner, it seems as that idea won't be bought by those who lose large amounts of money because of piracy acts.

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