Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Lobo and Blue Beetle Come to Injustice

Confirmed characters include Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern

Ed Boon, the leader of the team currently working on Injustice – Gods Among Us, has hinted at a number of new characters that might be included in the superhero fighting game, although he has refused to offer any clear names in order to satisfy the fan base.

The developer has said, via Twitter, that NetherRealms plans to offer official information on a new character as soon as its office candy supply runs out and has showed an image with a pile of comic books.

The storylines include characters like Swamp Thing, Animal Man and Nightwing.

The fact that the last of those heroes has already been confirmed as playable might mean that the other two will also be part of the cast of Injustice – Gods Among Us.

Ed Boon has also dropped hints about Lobo and Blue Beetle and their potential inclusion in the game roster.

At the moment, the line-up that has been officially confirmed by the development team includes: Superman, Batman, Catwoman, The Flash, Nightwing, Cyborg, Harley Quinn, Green Lantern, Solomon Grundy, Wonder Woman, The Joker and the Green Arrow.

NetherRealms has suggested that it has plans to include as many as 24 characters, although it is not clear whether they will all be offered at launch or some will only be part of post-launch downloadable content.

Injustice is a fighting game at its core, which means that gamers will have to deal with combos and powered-up attacks, but the fact that the entire cast of characters is made up of superheroes from the DC universe gives the developers new ways to approach the genre.

Injustice – Gods Among Us will be offered on the PlayStation 3 from Sony, the Xbox 360 from Microsoft and the Wii U from Nintendo during April 2013.

The team has not confirmed that a PC version of the game is also in development.

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