Swallows Are Growing Shorter Wings, Study Finds

The birds are supposedly evolving in order to better avoid cars

A team of researchers working with the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma now claim that, as their investigations have shown, cliff swallows that live fairly close to busy roads are evolving in order to better deal with the threat of getting hit by a fast-moving vehicle.

Long story short, it appears that these birds are growing shorter wings. Gizmodo reports that, all things considered, having shorter wings allows the cliff swallows to turn through the air both faster and more swiftly.

Therefore, the birds have increased chances of surviving a sudden and unexpected collision with a car.

Despite the fact that some people doubt the findings of this research, the specialists behind this investigation maintain that their study is proof enough that species do evolve according to the “survival of the fittest” rule.

A detailed analysis of how swallows have evolved in order to better deal with traffic was published in the scientific journal Current Biology.

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