Sverre Liliequist: Skier Proves Faster than Avalanche – Video

A skier triggers an avalanche during the Swatch Skiers Cup, held in Switzerland this month

Just for a second, imagine running, or better yet skiing away from an avalanche getting ready to bury you under tons of snow.

Only then will you be able to come close to understanding Sverre Liliequist's feelings, experienced during the Swatch Skiers Cup, earlier this month.

According to Planet Ski, this video has been captured in Zermatt, Switzerland, in the Swiss Alps. Liliequist triggered a small avalanche, and was able to out-ski it, even doing an impressive backflip in the process.

Skiers Cup reps have clarified that the avalanche was not that big, dubbing it a windslab, most likely in an effort to point out that their event is safe.

“What is impressive is the size of the snow cloud which looks big, but the amount of snow moving was not that big,” they say.

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