Suspected University of Georgia Hacker Commits Suicide

The 26-year-old man had served in the National Guard for six years

Back in October, we reported that a hacker hadmanaged to gain access to the records of at least 8,500 University of Georgia (UGA) employees. After investigating the incident, authorities believed that they had tracked down the hacker, but the suspect committed suicide.

26-year-old Charles Staples Stell – who attended the university’s classes between 2005 and 2007 – was the main suspect in this case, but no charges had been brought against him.

During the investigation, UGA police learned that Stell had committed suicide on November 7 at his home in Athens, The Augusta Chronicle reports.

Authorities have found the stolen files in the possession of Stell, but they haven’t found any evidence to indicate that the information had been given to anyone else.

The man, who had served in the National Guard for six years, shot himself. It’s unknown whether the suicide has had anything to do with the criminal investigation.

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