Suspect Who Possibly Lured Man into Ambush Questioned, Getaway Car Found

The killer used a rental car, possibly rented out to a female accomplice

A person of interest in the execution-style murder of a man in Manhattan was brought in for questioning, reports say. Brandon Lincoln Woodard traveled from Los Angeles to New York City on Sunday, to allegedly meet an unidentified assailant.

An unnamed 40-year-old man from Rosedale, Queens was taken to Midtown North Precinct station house, and “eventually cut loose.”

According to his account, he is linked to the incident through a friend, who is involved in the murder. There is a possibility that the vehicle used by the killer was a rental, and that it was rented by a female accomplice.

Police believe a professional gunman was responsible for the hit, judging from his speed, his reaction to incoming blood spatter, and that he chose to shoot the victim in the head.

“In addition to the way he makes himself virtually invisible in the street, right as he points the gun at [Wooddard’s] head, he turns away as if he’s anticipating blood spatter. [...] In one fluid motion, it’s just ‘bam!’ into the car, then out,” a law-enforcement source told the New York Post.

He allegedly lured the victim to that particular location using a text message, then waited 30 minutes in the car until he arrived, snuck behind him and delivered the single fatal shot, with a 9-mm. semiautomatic. The gun had been used in a shooting in Queens, last month.

On Tuesday, December 11, police found the silver-gray Lincoln MKX used as a getaway car, a few hours after the Manhattan murder. The car was found in Queens, through the use “Ring of Steel” tracking technology.

“What you can do is put in a plate number and scour an area, and that’s how it was found,” the source explains.

As we reported yesterday, Woodard had an extensive criminal record. A surveillance photo of his shooter was released by NYPD, in an effort to identify him. The photograph is attached to this article.

According to airport logs, he carried three phones with him, which are currently under examination, Fox News writes. Only two of them were recovered at the scene.

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