Suse Manager 1.7 Officially Announced

A lot of new features are available with this release

By on September 20th, 2012 15:17 GMT

SUSE Manager, a tool that provides comprehensive Linux server management via three modules, management, provisioning, and monitoring, is now at version 1.7.

Highlights of Suse Manager 1.7:

• Patch and update management enhancements have been implemented, allowing users to update with new Service Packs without completely reinstalling the OS;
• Several compliance improvements have been implemented;
• System Inventory: all systems registered to SUSE Manager, including hardware and software information;
• All users registered with SUSE Manager and systems they can administer;
• IPv6 support for management and provisioning has been added;
• Additional provisioning features have been added.

Suse Manager 1.7 is available in two different packages: SUSE Manager Server with Database and just the SUSE Manager Server.

A complete list of changes and updates, along with instructions on how to acquire the software, is available in the official announcement.