Susan Sarandon Interviews Carey Mulligan for Interview Mag, April 2010

British young actress is the talk of town, remains grounded and sweet

Until a few months ago, few had heard of the name of Carey Mulligan, though perhaps they were familiar with the actress’ delicate and occasionally androgynous face from several big projects where she’d been given minor roles. Today, Carey is not only a multi-award winning star but she’s also looking at a brilliant career.

Yet, she remains incredibly grounded, despite the fact that both critics and audiences are literally head over heels with her, which has turned her life into a genuine “cinematic affair,” as Susan Sarandon writes in her Interview piece on Carey. Mulligan, as fans must know, rose to international fame with her role in the film “An Education,” which generated only raving reviews and won a string of awards, including a nod for Best Actress for Carey at this year’s Academy Awards.

In spite of her meteoric rise to fame, Mulligan is not new to the scene. Her love is – and will probably always remain – the theater. “One of the things I love about the theater is that no one can tell you to stop. Once you’re onstage, it’s three hours, and whether you’re completely off or you’re just horrendous, you’ve got to find a way to leave an impression. There’s not that terrible thing that you get when you’re making a movie, where you get in your car at the end of the day knowing that something you’re not proud of was immortalized on film, and you can’t fix it because they won’t reshoot it. And, you know, you can come back and watch what you did and realize it was completely fine and you just built it up in your head, but otherwise that moment is on film forever and ever,” she states.

There are good things about making movies too, the star says. Making “An Education,” for instance, helped her with getting her driving license as well, she explains with a smile. “Basically, every time I wasn’t doing press for An Education, I was taking a driving lesson, so I just got my license. I drove around for about two weeks before I came home to London for the BAFTAs, but I can drive now, which makes everything easier,” Carey jokes.

The Interview piece also details Carey’s rise to fame, with her countless television projects and small parts in big Hollywood releases. It also includes a stunning photospread of the actress, which makes it crystal clear why she’s being billed as one of the most stunning young stars of the moment, with a beauty reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour. Please refer here for the full Interview editorial.


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