Susan Boyle’s New Album Has Most Unfortunate Twitter Hashtag Ever

PR team doesn’t see the big picture but the tweeps do – and they’re having fun with it

Susan Boyle, one of the most extraordinary voices to ever come out of Britain’s Got Talent, has a new album coming out and, as expected, her PR team is using social media to raise awareness on it.

Twitter is just one of the places where “Standing Ovation: The Greatest Songs from the Stage” is being promoted, under the hashtag #SusanAlbumParty.

Now, if I were to write this as it appears on Twitter (“#susanalbumparty”), you’d instantly understand why this is a trending topic and, at the same time, one that the tweeps can’t stop laughing about.

Clearly, this is not Susan’s fault, as many of them also point out, but for a PR team to create this hashtag that could be interpreted in such a nasty way shows a certain lack of perspective.

This is obviously just one of the examples of how Twitter can backfire though, in Susan’s case, people are still pretty hyped about the album.

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