Susan Boyle Is Completely Overrated, Lily Allen Believes

British singer takes on British Internet sensation

Lily Allen, albeit a widely appreciated singer, is also the kind of celebrity who, as per her own admission, speaks first and then thinks about what she had to say later. In doing so, she has often come under heavy fire from the media and fans alike, because her remarks have been deemed offensive – just like is the case with her most recent Twitter comments on “Hairy Angel” Susan Boyle.

According to Allen, Susan is completely overrated, especially since her popularity has nothing to do with talent. As a matter of fact, the “Fear” singer adds, nothing on Britain’s Got Talent has anything to do with talent, and Susan’s case is the clearest example in this sense. In her defense, Lily also says that she too is entitled to her opinion, just like everybody else, so fans should perhaps see this as her speaking her mind than passing a verdict or something along those lines.

“Susan Boyle is so overrated. Je suis overrated aussi.” Lily wrote on her Twitter page. “Listen, I’m allowed to have an opinion. I thought her timing was off. No control, and I don’t think she has an amazing voice. Yes, she can sing, but it’s not about talent with her is it? She seems like a lovely lady but if it’s about talent, that Shaheen kid should win.” the singer adds.

As for the talent part on Britain’s Got Talent, Susan clearly has none. To avoid making this look like she’s patronizing, Lily says she’s not talented either and has never claimed to be so: she’s just a performer who works really hard to make music and to offer fans something nice in return of their money. “I have never in my life claimed to be talented. I do work hard at writing songs and putting on entertaining concerts though.” Lily Allen concludes her post by saying.

Allen is not the only one to think that maybe the entire Susan Boyle phenomenon was a bit off the wall. Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden was saying yesterday that, even if Boyle wins the grand competition and gets to see her dream come true, she does not have what it takes to make it in the industry, mostly because the audiences tend to be very fickle and she seems the type they would not focus on for long. Still, Holden was also stating, the fact that she got so far and would even move on to record an album with the help of Simon Cowell was truly admirable.

The Britain’s Got Talent final takes place this Saturday, with Susan Boyle being one of the favorites to win.

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