Survivors of Shark Attacks Join in on Conservation Projects

In spite of traumatizing past experiences, some people still fight to protect biodiversity

As interesting as it might seem, some people who survived shark attacks in the past are now joining hands with conservationists to help prevent various shark species from becoming extinct.

Seeing how the Chinese food industry relies heavily on shark fins in order to provide customers with dishes considered to be rare delicacies, it comes as no surprise that countless such animals are killed on a regular basis in order to fend for such dietary preferences.

To make matters even worse, the Pew Environment Group recently revealed that some on the shark fins now available on the market actually come from endangered species.

The good news is that said organization and the Stony Brook University have recently been joined by survivors of shark attacks in on-going conservation efforts, survivors who hope that their past hands-on experiences with these animals can convince other people that protecting biodiversity is something we must all work towards.

As they put it, “We were all in the ocean to begin with because we love it. If we can stick up for sharks, that turns a lot of heads. We all wanted to turn something really bad into something with a positive impact, then our suffering wasn’t for nothing.”

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