Survey Unveils the Body of the Perfect Woman

Also shows women need to work on their confidence and self-esteem

Whether there is such a thing as a universal standard for the perfect female body is not a burning issue, although much debate has been carried on over it. In an attempt to find out what men and women think of it, British publication Fabulous Magazine has come up with the exact measures of the perfect body, while also reaching the conclusion that, if ladies could love their bodies at least half as their male partners do, they would be spared much pain and effort to change them.

While today the average woman body is a size 16, as the poll conducted online has established, most men would say that a size 12 (which is definitely a far-cry from the skinny models we see and read about everyday in beauty magazines) is perfect. Ladies, in their turn, would rather they had a size 8 body, and would go to almost any length to get it, the survey has also revealed.

According to the results made public by the magazine, 40 percent of the men queried have said Kelly Brook has the perfect body, while only 1 percent have named Kate Moss (famous for ushering the so-called cocaine chic look) when asked the same question. Similarly, 58 percent have responded they are more than happy with their partner’s body and wouldn’t want them to change anything about it (as in, lose or gain weight, or plastic surgery). Even more surprising has been that a whopping 77 percent have admitted that they secretly wish that women in general were more confident in their looks.

When ladies have been asked the same questions, their answers have shown precisely just how different their perception on the female body is from that of men. For instance, 26 percent have voted for TV star Myleene Klass as having the perfect body, while 15 percent have named model Gisele Bundchen. Speaking of strong points and things they do not like about how they look, 56 percent have named their breasts as the best part of their body, while 45 percent have revealed they are not in the least happy about their stomach. Over 20 percent of women constantly worry about their weight, 55 percent secretly think their partner no longer loves them because of the way they look, almost the same percentage would have plastic surgery, while 41 percent would get liposuction.

All in all, to cap off the conclusion that, indeed, self-confidence is not a woman’s best ally, 79 percent of the queried ladies have admitted to wanting to lose weight, with 37 percent of them being more specific: 1 to 7 pounds should be just enough.

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