Surveillance Wi-Fi Camera from Belkin Released, NetCam HD

Anyone can buy the device and have it ready to keep an eye on their home

I've written about the normal type of cameras, the ones that people take along on vacations and such, but those aren't the only ones revealed today.

There's also a surveillance camera from Belkin, one that is both ready and willing to keep an eye on your home or garage while you're away.

It is called NetCam HD Wi-Fi Camera and has a measure of autonomy that buyers may find very useful.

In addition to being accessible remotely via smartphones or tablets (via Android and iOS apps), the camera, based on what it records (720p quality) can be set up to send e-mail alerts whenever it detects movement.

Digital audio can be streamed in addition to HD video, and even infrared night vision is integrated.

Belkin's NetCam HD Wi-Fi Camera, part number F7D7602, costs $149.99 / €115.22 – 149.99. The accompanying apps require iOS 4.2 or higher or Android 3.3 and up. Check here for full details.

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