Surprise Results: Intel Core i7-4771 Is as Strong as i7-4770K

The only difference is that the clock multiplier is absent

On the surface, there might not be much point in launching a processor that is as strong as the top-end Haswell Core i7-4770K, but Intel did precisely that, and it did not do it for no reason.

As some people may know, some central processing units are actually versions of the high-end chips with disabled cores or features.

They come to be due to defects. Said defects occur at a manufacturing level but can be isolated, allowing Intel to salvage some of the work and resources.

Advanced Micro Devices does the same, and so does every other maker of CPUs, x86 or ARM, and makers of any integrated chip really.

The Core i7-4771 is still a bit peculiar though, because it will, in a sense, replace the Core i7-4770 as the counterpart of the i7-4770K.

Core i7-4770K is the strongest Haswell CPU, with six four cores, a frequency of 3.5 GHz per clock (base speed) and an unlocked multiplier.

The Core i7-4771, VR-Zone reports, has the same specifications and performance return in benchmarks, with the exception of the multiplier: it doesn't exist.

Thus, while the Core i7-4771 will be an excellent CPU for high-end gaming systems, it won't allow owners to perform overclocking.

The report from VR-Zone showed that the Core i7-4771 scored quite well in 7-Zip, AIDA64 ZLib, and wPrime. We've included the relevant screenshots in the gallery below. A CPU-Z shot is included as well.

All in all, the results are quite impressive for a central processing unit, despite the fairly underwhelming name.

Sadly, we're not sure what price the newcomer will sport. Certainly, it will be more expensive than the i7-4770, but not by much.

Thus, since the i7-4770 sells for around $300 / €300, the Core i7-4771 should sell for $330 / €330 or so. Don't quote us on that just yet though.


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