Suri Cruise Gets $24K (€18,158) Christmas Present from Mom Katie Holmes

Most famous celebrity kid gets presents to match her celebrity status

Much has been written about Suri Cruise, the 6-year-old daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and it’s not always been in association with her famous parents. She is one of the most mediated celebrity kids out there – and, as it turns out, she’s getting a Christmas present to match her status.

For Christmas, Katie has decided to spoil Suri rotten, having bought her a playhouse bigger than the apartment some get to call home, the Examiner reports.

Estimated to have cost a whopping $24,000 (€18,158), the house even has electricity and running water, but also other facilities like a garage and media room.

As these things go, it’s perhaps best if you take the report with a grain of salt.

“Suri Cruise is getting a house, a $24,000 house complete with garage, media room, a kitchen, and a sunroom. Granted it is a playhouse but it is bigger than most two bedroom apartments,” the aforementioned e-zine says.

“Katie Holmes is also making sure her little girl has a car to park in that garage, a Mercedes, a kid version will be opened Christmas morning as well. The Grand Victorian Luxury Playhouse will have running water, heat, and electricity, so if Suri ever decided to run away from home, well, she has a home to go to,” the report goes on to mention.

And that’s not all, of course. Also on Christmas morning, Suri will receive a Chloe fur coat, Ralph Lauren clothes and an iPad, the report notes.

Considering that, at 3, Suri had a designer wardrobe estimated at many millions of dollars, it’s perhaps no surprise that she continues to get the best in everything from her rich parents, even if a very solid argument could be made on how this might spoil her beyond repair or how she’s not even able yet to fully appreciate the value of such things.

Now that we know how much Katie has spent on Suri’s Christmas presents, we’re free to speculate on the kind of money Tom will be coughing up for his little girl.

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