Surface with Windows 8 Pro Shows Up Unannounced at US Stores

Users confirm that a few Best Buy stores received a limited number of tablets

Microsoft is still struggling to deal with the 128 GB Surface with Windows 8 supply crisis, even though the company promised to make more units available at its stores during this weekend.

Now several users are confirming on the official Surface blog that some Best Buys across the United States received a limited number of tablets, all of which have been quickly sold to just a handful of buyers.

While neither Microsoft nor Best Buy commented on this, consumers are reporting that limited inventory shows up in specific stores randomly, even though the two companies aren’t announcing any stock update.

“For a few hours yesterday there were units at a BB on Fordham Road in the Bronx, but that store was showing ‘unavailable’ like all the rest this morning,” one user wrote in the comment section of the Surface blog.

“I had gone to a different Best Buy by the PDX airport earlier to see if they had any. They had just gotten eight in a few minutes before and all eight were reserved for pre-orders. They called the Gresham store for me and confirmed that they had just gotten four and mine was one of the three they had official pre-orders for,” another one added.

While Microsoft claims that the initial response for the Surface with Windows 8 Pro has been amazing, the company promises to bring more units in stock by early March.

The device is now available for pre-ordering on the official Microsoft website, but the first units won’t arrive to customers sooner than early next month.

Of course, the 128 GB model is the one that’s enjoying such a terrific customer demand, as the 64 GB model continues to be available not only at Microsoft stores, but also at Best Buy and Staples in the United States.

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