Surface Pro Users Get Shocked While the Tablet Is Charging

Several users are experiencing mild shocks while the tablet is recharging

Interest in the Surface Pro is amazingly high, as Microsoft is still struggling to cope with the shortage that’s affecting the 128 GB model in the United States.

In the meantime, those lucky users who have already purchased the tablet report all kinds of problems, starting with Surface pen issues and ending with random shocks while the device is recharging.

That’s right, some Surface Pro owners claim that they’re getting shocked every once in a while when the tablet is recharging, with the Vapor Magnesium case believed to be one possible reason.

According to a report by, it appears that the shock occurs when the user touches the bottom right-hand corner of the device, but only when it’s plugged in to get recharged.

“I've noticed if I have it plugged in and lay my arm near it or even have the stand touching my legs or something I get mildly shocked every few minutes,” one user reported.

“I've experienced a static shock on a few occasions. I figured it's just static, though. Now that I think about it I believe it was always during charging,” another one confirmed.

While there’s no workaround to fix this issue, the only way to deal with it is to pay a visit to the Microsoft Store and exchange the device with a new one. The problem is that the 128 GB model is still out of stock, so you may have quite a hard time trying to exchange your tablet.

Microsoft promises to make more units available at its stores and at Best Buy as soon as early March, as the company has already rolled out a pre-order program for this particular model.

Last but not least, consumer reports from the United States claim that some Best Buy stores receive a small number of tablets at random times, but most, if not all, are sold in a matter of minutes.

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