Supermoon 2013: Sunday, June 23, the Moon Will Appear Bigger, Brighter

The supermoon will be visible shortly after the sun sets on the evening of that day

Skywatchers and space enthusiasts are courteously invited to clear their schedules for the evening of Sunday, June 23, pack some snacks, head to the great outdoors and get ready to spend minutes on end gazing upon this year's most impressive supermoon.

Astronomers explain that, on said date, the moon will be particularly close to our planet. Because of this, it will appear some 14% bigger and 30% brighter than it usually does, HuffPost informs us.

The same source says that the supermoon, whom some refer to as a perigee full moon, will be visible shortly after sunset.

Perigee full moons occur every time this celestial body lines up with the Earth and the sun at a precise point in its orbit and another one is scheduled to make an appearance in July.

Still, it appears that a supermoon as big and as bright as the one on June 23 won't be visible again until August 2014, so I suggest you do your best not to miss it.

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