SuperTooth Prepares Disco Speaker for CES 2013

The Disco Twin and HD Voice speakers should be up for sale soon

SuperTooth did not say when sales of its newest audio devices might begin, but it did say it would show them at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show.

The company also released the prices of the newcomers. The Dico Twin, a dual-satellite speaker system, has a tag of $199 / 199 Euro, while the HD Voice is priced at $89 / 89 Euro.

The reason the voice is cheaper is twofold. The speaker system is smaller and, by extension, capable of a lower sound quality that the other.

It also bears noting that, while the Disco Twin is a normal enough set of home speakers (albeit ones with an uncanny shape), the HD Voice is made for automobiles.

The video embedded above is an introductory caption of the new device designed by SuperTooth.

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