Super Talent USB 3.0 Express RC8 Flash Drive

One of the world’s top USB 3.0 drives with SSD technology, company claims

Describing a flash drive as being designed with SSD technology may sound grand, but it doesn’t really mean much, since USB-connected SSDs and flash drives are the same sort of storage device, only bearing a different size and shape.

Super Talent seems to know this well enough. While it did describe the USB 3.0 Express RC8 as “one of the world's top USB 3.0 drives with SSD technology,” it isn't counting on that to sell it.

The asset that it makes a point of mentioning in the press release is the Windows To Go support, which lets Windows 8 be installed on it and boot on any PC.

Super Talent has prepared two versions of the flash drive, one with 64 GB capacity and one of 128 GB. Prices are still in the air though.

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