Super Talent Launches Green DuraDrive SSD

They are intended for industrial, military and embedded applications

As far as storage devices go, solid-state drives made for embedded, military and industrial settings need to be extra tough, which is why Super Talent has a special range of products for customers from those fields.

The DuraDrive SSD series has been updated and improved. It is composed of drives of up to 256 GB, all of them designed in a way that allows them to survive vibrations, shocks, humidity, extreme temperatures and high altitudes.

The company did not offer any other details in its press release. It is probably holding off until the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2013).

In other words, transfer speeds, endurance/lifespan, pricing and availability will only be published next week.

"We are proud to offer a line of devices that has such reliability for all who use them. The DuraDrive line focuses on delivering in intense environments that call for mission critical performance," said Abraham Ma, CEO, Super Talent Technology.

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