Super Talent Intros SSD Upgrade for Inspiron Mini 9

Also announces new MasterDrive series

Super Talent goes deeper into the SSD game as the company continues to announce several new products featuring this fast storage solution for computer systems. In a recent move from the San Jose, California-based Flash memory vendor, the company announced the introduction of its latest Double Wide Half Mini PCIe SSDs, specifically designed as an upgrade option for Dell's low-power, low-cost Inspiron Mini 9 netbooks. In addition, the company also expanded its line of 2.5-inch MasterDrive SSD series, with the introduction of new MLC and SLC-based drives. These new solutions are meant to provide computer enthusiasts with a high-performance alternative to today's traditional hard disk drives.

“For the first time ever Mini 9 users can upgrade their netbooks with a high performance 128GB SSD without any case modifications. We installed the hardware in less than 60 seconds and reinstalled the operating system in less than 30 minutes. We started thinking about how we could better solve our customers’ problems, when we saw them posting videos online sawing their case apart to put in larger SSDs. So we innovated and invented the Double Wide Half Mini PCIe form factor to make upgrading to a high capacity SSD a whole lot easier,” the company said in a statement.

The Inspiron Mini 9 is a netbook that features an 8.9-inch form factor and can easily take advantage of the performance improvements delivered by Super Talent's latest products. With capacities ranging from 16GB to 128GB, these new drives use an MLC technology. Currently, Super Talent offers four PCI-Express SSDs, grouped by their form factor. The half mini 2 PCIe group offers 16GB and 32GB models for expected street prices of US$74.99 and US$109.99. The double wide half Mini 2 comes in capacities of 64GB and 128GB priced at US$199.99 and US$379.99.

As for the company's new MasterDrive series of SSDs, users will be able to select from capacities of between 16GB and 128GB, coming in both SLC and MLC formats. The MLC-based EX2 series offers read and write speeds of up to 80MB/s and 40MB/s, while the SLC-based IX2 series delivers speeds of 80MB/s and 60MB/s, respectively.


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