Super Bowl XLVI Commercials Coming to Their Own YouTube Channel

YouTube and NBC Sports merge efforts in Super Bowl coverage

YouTube has partnered with NBC Sports and created Ad Blitz, an YouTube channel entirely focused on the World's biggest single day sporting event, the NFL's 2012 Super Bowl game.

After this Sunday's Championship games decided this year's finalists, companies and websites around the Internet officially started their yearly Super Bowl marketing campaigns.

Vastly recognized as the advertising and commercials heaven, the Super Bowl features some of the most funny, innovative and sometimes down-right shocking commercials you'll ever see.

While the finalists are the same as in 2008, when the New York Giants topped the until-then undefeated New England Patriots, don't expect the commercials to be the same.

Actually expect the opposite. In almost all cases, Super Bowl ads are custom filmed for this event only.

And while that might seem outrageous in this down economy, for Super Bowl XLVI a 30 seconds spot will cost $3.5 million.

Of course, as every year after the event, there will always be a debate of who had the greatest commercial.

Trying to solve that riddle is YouTube, who recently announced on their blog a collaboration with NBC Sports which materialized in a specialized YouTube channel.

The Ad Blitz channel will be the central hub for all Super Bowl ads, allowing users to view them all, or just the ones they missed.

The channel is up and running right now, broadcasting any video material remotely connected to the NFL and Super Bowl lore, like party food recipes, tailgating experiences, NFL Playoff coverage, predictions, game analysis, preview ads and past Super Bowl ads.

The next day, there is also gonna a Google+ Hangout where users can chat with an NBC celebrity.

The entire collaboration is not a surprise, since at the end of 2012 NBC also said it will stream the Super Bowl online for the first time in history. The game will also be available on mobile devices through a partnership with Verizon.

On the same note, Hulu also premiered a similar channel, Hulu AdZone, a collection of Super Bowl commercials ranging from as early as 1973.

This year's Super Bowl edition will take place Sunday February 5th 2012 in Indianapolis' Lucas Oil Stadium.

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