Super Bowl 2013: What Caused the Power Outage?

It was an abnormality, officials for Entergy say but an investigation is underway

The Super Bowl XLVII kicked off on a high note but was cut short in the third quarter, when a power outage paused it for 34 full minutes. An investigation into what caused the blackout is now underway.

Officials for Entergy tell ESPN that an “abnormality” is to blame for the incident that has already been turned on all sides on online forums by the people at home and industry people.

Backup generators kicked in when the power was cut, but the power was not back on until whatever abnormality was was solved.

“The power outage was an unfortunate moment in what has been an otherwise shining Super Bowl week for the city of New Orleans. In the coming days, I expect a full after-action report from all parties involved,” Mayor Mitch Landrieau says in a statement to ESPN.

FBI special agent Michael Anderson has already ruled out a fire or a terrorist attempt as the causes of the outage, the same media outlet notes.

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