Sunny Ocean Studios Fulfills No-Glasses 3D Dream

Upstream optical systems removes the need for glasses

If 3D had not exactly been the buzz until late last year, it definitely kicked off at CES, with a large range of products being released at the start of January. Nevertheless, what all the 3D technological products lacked, despite offering a genuine experience, was a means to do away with the bulky, square glasses. Singaporean company Sunny Ocean Studios claims to have this means, being set to demonstrate a 27-inch monitor capable of no-glasses 3D, through the use of an upstream optical system, at CeBIT 2010.

Sunny Ocean Studios has been working on what may become the world's first cinema studio capable of delivering 3D content, from 64 different perspectives, without the need for any special optical aids. The company will be showcasing this technology in the aforementioned mobile, 27-inch version at CeBIT, along with its services and products for no-glasses 3D projection (“autostereoscopic”). Specifically, Sunny Ocean Studios will showcase products and services aimed at refitting current displays for autostereoscopic 3D, as well as for converting 2D images into 3D images.

“Whether it’s for private use or for commercial application – the current discussion surrounding 3D imagery shows that the future belongs to 3D capable systems. We are presenting a solution where the image appears to float spatially in front of the screen without the help of the usual aids like 3D glasses,” Armin Grasnick, founder and managing director, said. “By using 64 individual frames for the different perspectives in each 3D image for the first time, we can achieve a significantly improved 3D quality. We are even able to achieve this effect on standard monitors.”

“We already possess the technology needed to quickly and inexpensively make large displays up to a size of 100-inch 3D capable,” he added. “As a developer of 3D capable displays we are taking advantage of the excellent opportunity provided by our public premiere at CeBIT to make new customer contacts and to establish new sales networks in Europe.”

Images of the model are available for free download.

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