Suncorp Bank Phishing Scam: 1 Unread Message

The organization advises users to forward malicious emails to them

Suncorp Bank customers should be on the lookout these days for bogus notifications purporting to come from the financial institution.

The emails are entitled “1 Unread Message” and they notify recipients that they have one unread message in their online banking account.

In order to view the message, users are urged to click on a link.

Hoax Slayer informs that these messages are part of a clever phishing attack that’s designed to steal the banking details of unsuspecting internauts.

Those who click on the link are taken to a website where they’re requested to hand over personal information.

Suncorp is aware of such malicious emails and they’re advising users not to click on any links or attachments contained in such messages. Instead, scams should be forwarded to the bank’s special email address,

The organization reveals that legitimate notifications don’t contain any links or the recipients' personal details.

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