Summer-Born Children Struggle More with Maths, Study Reveals

Children born in summer are more likely to be unhappy and less successful at school

Every Child a Chance Trust led a study which shows that pupils born in a month between May and August were left behind by their classmates in Maths performances.

Researchers have studied the behavior of 47,237 pupils aged six and seven, that were among the poorest ones in the class when it came to calculations, Daily Mail reports.

It has shown that children born in summer are “13 months behind” their classmates in terms of Maths. It was also observed that this difference is more noticeable in boys than in girls.

A previous study has unveiled that summer-born kids are more susceptible of having a rather unhappy school life. They register a lower degree of self-confidence and self-respect and are not as often being admitted into prestigious universities as the others.

Come to think of it, there might be some mysterious explanation for all of these facts and we appreciate scientists for trying. But me, I am born in summer and it hasn't been like that.

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