Sum-Up of Cyberattacks Aimed at Organizations – Infographic

Panda Security's PandaLabs have analyzed the most important recent events

Panda Security’s anti-malware laboratory, PandaLabs, has released a clever infographic to sum up the cyberattacks aimed at organizations, and their effects.

Experts highlight the fact that the most recent attacks have targeted major companies such as Dropbox, Reuters, Blizzard, Adobe and KT Corp.

However, some cyberattacks – part of cyber war and cyber espionage campaigns – could have caused even more serious damage. A perfect example are the attacks on Saudi Aramco and RasGas.

When it comes to the conviction of hackers behind attacks on companies, PandaLabs provides a couple of instances that have made many headlines. One of them is the case of Junaid Hussain, also known as the notorious TriCk of the Team Poison hacker group, who received six months in prison for hacking into the email account of UK Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The second case is the one of Joshua Schichtel,  who was sentenced to 30 months in prison for installing malware on 72,000 computers in an attempt to make money.

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