“Sui Generis” RPG Promises Ground Breaking Technology, Innovative Gameplay

The open-world RPG is now up for funding on Kickstarter

Kickstarter has been “plagued” by a plethora of interesting game projects lately, such as Project Eternity, Star Citizen, Shaker and more.

While some of these titles were lucky enough to get the necessary funds, some had to abandon long before the funding ended (see Shaker RPG).

I would hate see that happening to “Sui Generis” too. As described by devs, this is an open-world RPG that will feature “ground breaking technology and innovative gameplay.”

The game promises to offer players a non-linear story that unfolds around their characters as they advance into the game. You won't have a pre-defined character to start with in this game.

Instead, players are lured into making a name of themselves as the game progresses. Oh yes, and you'll be starting the game as an anonymous villager.

“Sui Generis” focuses on the world and some major events that could affect it. It's up to you to get involved in these major events or not. This game is not about killing hordes of enemies, as most of the combat situations will be “occasional yet meaningful.”

This reminds me of Dark Souls. There's more to it as developers claim that they will not implement saving and loading functions into the game. If that's the case, then you'll be wanting to avoid enemies as often as possible as death will really matter in “Sui Generis.”

According to devs, “few opponents can be dismissed as trivial. Though there are powerful items, even an old rusty sword can be effective in the right hands. There are no levels, but there is a more natural progression system based on skills and thaumaturgic powers. There are no classes, but rather countless possible builds with diverse and interesting qualities.”

“Sui Generis” is now up for funding on Kickstarter. For more details on the game, check out its Kickstarter page and the video below.


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