Sucuri Warns of Fake jQuery Sites Distributing Malware

Cybercriminals have set up at least three malicious websites

Cybercriminals have set up a number of fake jQuery websites and they’re using them to distribute pieces of malware. Experts from Sucuri Malware Labs have identified at least three such sites.

The, and domains are the ones in question.

According to researchers, references to have been found in the header of the index.php file of numerous sites.

The crooks are using the following line of code to redirect the visitors of legitimate sites to, from where they’re further redirected to other spammy domains: = "httx://"

In some instances, experts have found sites with this JavaScript file being included in the header:

Users are advised to steer clear of such sites. The legitimate jQuery sites are and Other variants, even if they look legitimate, are likely fake.

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