Substitute Teacher Involved with 14-Year-Old Student Gets Pregnant

35-year-old Texan Amanda Sotelo had been seeing her daughter's friend for months

35-year-old Amanda Sotelo, of Bexar County, Texas, is accused of conducting an inappropriate relationship with a 14-year-old student.

Sotelo confessed to the illegal affair, stating she had met the teenager through her daughter. The married mother of two started a relationship with her daughter's friend, and it went on for a few months.

They were meeting once a week at her house, and weren't romantically involved for the first few meetings.

They would talk about their problems, and found solace in one another. She claims they only entered a physical relationship in July, and now the two are in love, the Daily Mail reports.

Amanda Sotelo is registered as a substitute teacher in Bexar County, and has taught her lover in at least one class.

Sotelo underwent an examination at the emergency room in early September, and found out she was pregnant. Her underage lover's mother was the one having reported their involvement to local police.

According to My San Antonio, she can tell for sure that the 14-year-old is her baby's father, as her husband underwent a vasectomy following the birth of their youngest.

The teacher will be facing charges of indecency with a child. She was arrested, and has been in jail since Thursday, November 1. She has yet to post the required $75,000 (€58,700) bond.

“She's in jail but that's about the only thing we've heard. We've got a lot of family problems going on right now,” Sotelo’s son-in-law, Johnny Lopez, stated.

A source from Southwest ISD has confirmed to Fox San Antonio that the 35-year-old mother, that worked as a substitute teacher in schools in the district, had been fired once allegations of child abuse were brought to their attention.

Just last month, Anna Walters, a substitute teacher from Cosby High School, in Chesterfield, Virginia, was accused of having been involved with two students, one being a minor.

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