Subscription-Based Windows Development Continues, as Microsoft Looks for New Engineers

Redmond continues work on Windows as a Service and is now creating new jobs

Windows as a Service is one of Microsoft's big projects for the next few years and the company continues work on this, but at the same time is also looking for new software development engineers to speed up the process.

In a post on the Microsoft Careers website which was first spotted by Neowin, Microsoft says that Windows as a Service needs engineers with at least 5 years of experience in software development, “including shipping products and integrating with large scale cloud service.”

The company does not mention too many details on this project, but the job ad claims that it involves multiple departments within the firm.

“We are a team focused on developing services that will power Microsoft's ability to offer Windows as a Service. You will help will build the software platform that allow 1st and 3rd party service providers to onboard their services on to the Microsoft's new consumer membership program,” the job ad reads.

“You will prototype and develop services that connect partners with consumers to offer an integrated Microsoft membership experience. You will also have the opportunity to collaborate with multiple teams within Microsoft to strive toward the common goal of delighting our customers through the membership service.”

According to some previous reports, the Windows as a Service project is codenamed Mohoro and will run on Windows Azure. Redmond has already purchased and domain names, but development of the new service isn't expected to be completed until late 2014.

The new project is basically part of Microsoft's transition to devices and services, as the company continues its One Microsoft reorganization plan rolled out by former CEO Steve Ballmer last year. As part of this new strategy, Microsoft is trying to put the focus on some other products too beside Windows, including cloud-based services and hardware, such as new Surface models.

On the Surface front, Microsoft is believed to be preparing a smaller unit that could see daylight as soon as next month. The Surface Mini could feature an 8-inch screen and run Windows RT 8.1 Update, while the underneath hardware would be specifically optimized for longer battery life. No details are available regarding the price, but the company is expected to position the device very aggressively, with some people close to the matter saying that Microsoft is willing to make the Surface Mini more affordable than the iPad mini and the Nexus 7.

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