Submit Unity Feedback for Ubuntu 11.04

Ubuntu Project, through Jason Warner, sent an e-mail a couple of days ago, asking people to submit their feedback about the Unity interface of the upcoming Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) operating system, due for release at the end of April, 2011.

"Natty Feature Freeze is here and A3 is upon us! Anyone following along closely should see and feel a fairly stable and usable system, complete with Unity and classic Gnome. I'd like to hear people's thoughts on Unity...and I'd like it to be pretty unfiltered and raw." - said Jason Warner in the e-mail.

As you probably already know, the third and last Alpha version of the upcoming Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) operating system was made available last evening, March 3rd, for download and testing.

Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha 3 includes lots of new features, such as Linux kernel 2.6.38 RC6, X.Org 7.6, Unity 3.6.0, LibreOffice 3.3.1, Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Beta 12, Transmission 2.13, Banshee 1.9.4 and Upstart 0.9.0. See more about Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha 3 here.

Unity 3.6.0 brought some interesting features, like transparency, better integration into GNOME/GTK...

Review image

Dash resize function...

Review image

Sort applications by type...

Review image

Sort files by type...

Review image

Therefore, the Ubuntu developers would like to see how people feel about:

* Unity look and feel;

* Unity usability;

* Unity stability;

* Unity highlights and favorite features;

* Perceived shortcomings and/or "wishlist" items.

Would you like to learn more about Unity? Take a look at the detailed documentation on the official Unity home page. Also, take a peek to the keyboard shortcuts and mouse tricks for Unity!

"You can reply to this email if your feedback is general/conversational or file a bug if you are experiencing a specific issue. Filing a bug with 'ubuntu-bug unity' command would do the trick and would get seen by the appropriate people for specific issues. It will be fun to hear what everyone thinks! I look forward to seeing the feedback." - said Jason Warner.

Do you love Unity? Do you hate Unity? What are you waiting for? Don't hesitate, just grab a copy of Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha 3, test it and submit your feedback about Unity, in order to make Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) a much better operating system!

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