Stylist Defends Gwyneth Paltrow’s Sheer Dress: This Girl Has Taste

Elizabeth Saltzman says daring, see-through gown wasn’t meant to shock

Gwyneth Paltrow set a lot of tongues wagging last week – more so than she usually does – by wearing an incredibly revealing gown for the Los Angeles premiere of “Iron Man 3.” Her stylist is now speaking up in her defense.

As we also reported at the time and the photo attached to this article will confirm, the dress included sheer panels on the side, from the waistline to the hem, which revealed that Gwyneth wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

What made people talk even more about the dress was her confession on Ellen that people “went scrambling for a razor” because she rocked “a 70s vibe” and the dress was threatening to reveal that.

Talk about TMI right there.

Her stylist Elizabeth Saltzman is now telling Us Weekly that the dress, as revealing as it was, was a testament to Paltrow’s impeccable style.

It was never meant to shock or garner attention, she insists, but merely to show off the actress’ enviably fit figure. It certainly did that, no argument here.

“Not only was it our first choice, it’s [also] beautiful, it’s cool, it’s daring in a no-daring way. Nonthreatening. Elegant,” Saltzman says.

“It looked great on her… it showed off her body. It’s spirit without being vulgar,” the stylist adds.

Having managed to look elegant in such a revealing dress is further confirmation that it’s the wearer who makes the dress and not the other way around.

“The point is that this girl has taste, this girl has confidence. And she’s not flaunting anything but the hard work that she’s put into being a happy body, happy person, healthy person,” Saltzman says.

“You don’t see a whole lot of false fakeness going on there like some other people. She’s always classic with a twist, classic with an edge,” she adds.

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