Stuxnet Infected Chevron Systems, Failed to Cause Damage [WSJ]

The energy giant's representatives claim they're prepared for such threats

Iran’s nuclear facilities weren’t the only ones affected by Stuxnet back in 2010. The same year, the malware also made its way to the systems of Chevron – the American oil giant.

Mark Koelmel, the company’s general manager of the earth sciences department, told The Wall Street Journal that although Stuxnet infected their systems, it was neutralized before it could cause any damage because they were prepared to handle such threats.

On the other hand, Koelmel warns that the “downside” of creating Stuxnet will probably overcome what they’ve actually accomplished with it.

If, in 2010, the US was launching sophisticated attacks, now, they’re the ones concerned about cyberattacks initiated by their adversaries.

Last month, US officials accused Iran of being responsible for creating the Shamoon malware – the one involved in the attacks against Saudi Aramco and Qatari gas company RasGas.

US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has revealed that only a few countries possess the capabilities to create such malware, which is why Iran is the main suspect.

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