Stuntman Breaks World Record For Swallowing Knives for 13 Seconds

Ian Brown can also sit on a bed of nails or hammer a nail into his face

29-year-old Ian Brown has an amazing talent, displayed in the picture above – the stuntman holds the world record for knife swallowing.

He achieved the record by downing two curved knives and managing to hold them in for 13 seconds. Ian doesn't look terrified at all while he is performing the life-threatening trick.

He practices 40 times a day, and tried it on coat hangers before. To those who consider taking up knife swallowing, he suggests they should start with easier things, like sitting on a bed of nails.

“Mastering sword swallowing takes dedication. [...] People shouldn’t even attempt it until they have a good base of other skills. […] I started with a bed of nails and hammering a nail into my face,” he tells the Sun.

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