StuntRally 2.4 Is the Most Advanced Free Racing Game on Linux

The latest version of StuntRally is now available for download

StuntRally, a free racing game that features over 150 tracks and lots of cars, has just reached version 2.4 and brings numerous updates and new features.

The game is built with the help of several technologies, such as Vdrift, bullet, OGRE, PagedGeometry, and MyGUI, to name just a few, but the developers have managed to put together a very complex and interesting racing title.

Fans can play on 147 tracks and in 26 different scenarios, which total four hours of drive time. This is quite a lot, if we keep in mind that StuntRally is completely free.

Other features included in the game are ghost drive (chase your best time car on track), track's ghost (best drive for track, a green ghost car ES, on all tracks), replays (save your drive and watch it from other cameras later), numerous tutorials, a few championships, a few challenges, split-screen racing, and multiplayer.

To top it all off, the developers have also implemented a Track Editor that should allow users to edit road points and their parameters in real time, to change all of the track parameters, to tweak the terrain generator, and even to modify elements of the cars while driving.

According to the changelog, 6 new maps have been added, 12 old levels have been deleted, a number of tracks have been renewed, a couple of new sceneries named Crystals and GreeceWhite have been added, spaceship hovercrafts have been implemented, new sky textures have been added on half of tracks, new static objects on a few tracks are now available, and car tab with bars for stats, speed graph, and a short list view has been added.

Also, fonts are now bigger, having been resized, sounds for win, lose, lap, best time, and wrong checkpoint resolution have been added, the multiplayer has been repaired and the nick can no longer appear twice, damage from terrain, height fog, fluids has been implemented on a few tracks, the level editor has received a number of improvements, the steering has been improved, and the surfaces in the game's car tweak window have been fixed.

Users need to remember that the developers only provide the source package for the game and that means that it needs compiling. This might take a little bit longer, but StuntRally is totally worth it.

More details about this new release of StuntRally can be found in the announcement. You can download StuntRally 2.4 right now from Softpedia.

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