Study Indicates iPhone “5s/5c” Naming Is Confusing Customers

iPhone 5s mistaken for iPhone 6 by some customers searching for info, tech specs

Looking at online consumer behavior using Hitwise data, Experian Marketing Services has released a report detailing the interest and speculation on Apple’s latest iPhone refresh.

EMS reveals in its report that “despite the long anticipation and demand for a cheaper iPhone, the $99 [€73] iPhone 5c failed to generate the level of search activity seen for the iPhone 5s.”

In the week ending September 14, searches carried out for iPhone 5s beat iPhone 5c queries 4:1.

More interestingly, perhaps, is the fact that “searches for the currently theoretical iPhone 6 were also popular.”

EMS reports that “In some cases people were looking to understand whether this release was for the iPhone 6 whereas others were looking for advice on whether to buy the 5c or 5s or hold out for the ‘6’.”

And who’s to blame them? With so many letters and so many iPhones floating around, it’s becoming pretty hard to differentiate them all.

Unlike previous years, where Apple launched only a single, “S” incremental revision, this time around Apple is selling an “S” and a “C.” Both phones are still called “5,” even though this is the seventh generation already.

EMS also reveals that “Searches for ‘iPhone fingerprint,’ which is arguably the most innovative difference between the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, were the most common feature-related search.”

The analytics firm was surprised to learn that the gold iPhone 5s sold out so fast, because “searches for ‘gold’ iPhones only accounted for less than 1 percent.”

EMS believes it also found clear evidence of Apple-style loyalty in the fact that “searches comparing various iPhone models were twice as frequent as comparisons between iPhones and Androids.”

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