Student Jailed for NRA T-Shirt Could Be Going to Prison for a Year

Jared Marcum was arrested in West Virginia in April

A 14-year-old student from Logan, West Virginia faces incarceration for a year over wearing an NRA short to school.

As I wrote in April, Jared Marcum was suspended over the T-shirt but refused to give in and wore it to school even after his suspension. He believes that his arrest is an infringement upon his right to free speech.

He has been detained and he is now facing additional charges of obstructing a police officer, WTRF writes.

The officer taking Marcum into custody claims that he was trying to justify his actions and would not stop talking. As a result, the policeman couldn't perform his duties properly.

He is also alleging that Marcum made threats that could be dubbed terrorist in nature, but the original reports filed in the case include no mention of the threats. The extra charge carries a maximum sentence of a year in jail.

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