Student Captures Video of a “Penguin Highway” in Antarctica

Traveler Melissa Brennan wanted to visit all continents before the age of 21

If you've never seen a “Penguin Highway,” just check out this avalanche of cuteness, as birds stumble across the white fields of Antarctica.

This video was shot by 21-year-old traveler Melissa Brennan, studying at Arizona State University. It was captured with a GoPro camera, when she traveled by kayak to a penguin colony.

“The first time we saw one, there was one single penguin on an iceberg and we were all jumping up for joy. [...] Then, by the end, there were thousands and thousands. They were almost like our friends and would come up and be right around us,” Brennan describes the experience for ABC News.

Brennan now plans to travel to Greenland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland, and she has already achieved her goal of visiting all continents before the age of 21.

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