Strong Wind Makes Cyclist Ride Backwards – Video

Despite his visible attempt to peddle ahead, the incredible wind just pushes him back

The best way to show the strength of the winds that have been ravishing Nebraska lately is by showing off this cyclist who, despite his struggle to peddle ahead, is just pushed back. I am curious how he managed to maintain his balance with such strong winds, making it impossible for him to move ahead.

The video was posted on YouTube by user Michael Erbsen and managed to gather thousands of views in just one day. The man writes that the winds were so strong that they reached 60 mph, even if the official report of the Stiff Head Wind that hit Nebraska was estimated to reach just 40 mph.

The man having a hard time peddling through the harsh weather is quite hilarious, but one thing seems to question the legitimacy of the clip and that is the trees that appear to be quite still, considering the high wind.

One viewer actually raises the question in his comment “So if there were 60mph winds, wouldn't the trees be moving just a little bit in the background? My vote fake.”

To add to the shady legitimacy of the video, another viewer adds that the movement of the wheels is quite bizarre considering the fact that he is actually moving backwards. Hoax or not, the clip is quite hilarious.

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