Street View Gets Dolphins, Stonehenge and Canada

As the Google program sees a major update

Google is plowing ahead with Street View despite all the opposition from several concerned parties and it's a good thing too, the feature is quickly becoming a huge repository as more and more cities and countries are added to the list. The program just got a huge boost with a bunch of new locations added in one fell swoop, fun places like SeaWorld and other theme parks, Stonehenge, nine new cities in Canada and an entire country, Singapore, which we covered yesterday.

“Today's update to Street View is a whale of a launch -- literally! We've added imagery gathered by our Trike for several special attractions we've partnered with in the United States, including the SeaWorld parks. Of course, that includes photos of SeaWorld's biggest star, Shamu,” Julie Sohn from Content Partnerships Team at Street View wrote.

Continuing in the same line as Google's cheesy play-on-words, the new SeaWorld photos are bound to make a big splash – literally. Virtual visitors will be able to move around the parks and even view the dolphins in mid air. Three SeaWorld locations are now available in Street View, but they're not the only theme parks to be added. Images from Hersheypark in Pennsylvania were also part of the update and rollercoaster enthusiasts can check out all the rides before actually visiting the park.

A little less exciting but perhaps more important is the addition of nine new cities in Canada, Victoria, Nanaimo, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Sudbury, London, Sherbrooke, and St. John's expanding the list of the ones already available. Street View also expanded in another part of the world as Singapore became the first country in South Asia to be included in the service.

Finally, five interesting locations in the UK are now live on Street View, Millennium Stadium, Angel of the North, Eden Project, Warwick Castle, Bamburgh Castle, and Stonehenge. The five locations, as chosen by 35,000 voters, are the winners of a contest held by Google to determine what places to shoot next and a similar contents is underway in the US at the moment.

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