Stray Dog and Orphaned Deer Are Best Friends

Their friendship is cut short when the pooch is sent to an animal shelter

Throughout the past few months, a stray dog and an orphaned deer delighted the people living in Kansas City by going on long walks together through the local Elmwood Cemetery.

Apparently, the deer has been living in this cemetery for quite some time now, and was more than overjoyed when the dog decided to become its companion.

However, the city's officials decided that it would be best for the dog to spend the winter at an animal shelter, and set up a humane trap for it.

Ella, as the deer is named, carefully watched as its friend was taken away from it, Huffington Post reports. “It breaks my heart that they have to be separated, but they must,” commented on this unfortunate situation Elmwood trustee Bruce Mathews.

The people in charge of running the animal shelter where the dog was sent hope that whoever will adopt it will agree to arrange some “play dates” for it and Ella every once in a while.

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