Stray Bullet Hits 10-Year-Old Girl in the Head, Kills Her

The incident occurred on New Year's Eve, but the culprit is yet to be found

10-year-old Aaliyah Boyer's parents must now do their best and try to come to terms with the fact that their daughter died as a result of one individual's lack of common sense and better judgement.

Thus, the girl was killed by a stray bullet fired by someone who was looking to have some fun on New Year's Eve. Police reports say that the bullet was most likely fired into the air, and not meant for Aaliyah.

However, it made its way towards her and ended up hitting the 10-year-old in the head. Despite the doctors' efforts to save the girl, there was not much left to be done and, this past Thursday, Aaliyah was taken off life support.

As was to be expected, she passed away shortly after. Her parents agreed to donate her organs, and can now take some comfort in the fact that their daughter's tragic death saved the life of other children.

The incident occurred in Cecil County, in the state of Maryland.

Sources report that the local police are working closely with gun experts, hoping that the bullet retrieved from Aaliyah's head will lead them to a registered gun, and that from that moment on it will be fairly easy to identify the culprit and make him pay for his actions.

“They need to pay for what they did, for all these people that they hurt. She was just having fun, watching fireworks outside with her family, celebrating the New Year,” stated Crystal Blackburn, the girl's mother.

Those who happen to know anything about the person who shot this 10-year-old are asked not to hesitate in contacting local authorities and sharing whatever information they possess.

“We’re looking for anybody’s help, anybody who knows who may have been firing gunshots, specifically what addresses, people, anything of that nature,” stated Lt. Michael Holmes, Cecil County Sherriff’s Office.

Just for the record, it seems that, while Aaliyah was in the hospital, her parent's house was broken into by some burglars who decided to take advantage of their not being at home.

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