Strategy Sim Game Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville Now on Kickstarter

The game needs $25,000 / €14,718 until November 1

Sims fans as well as Sim City ones will be delighted to hear that a new strategy sim game is up on Kickstarter, called Rebuild – Gangs of Deadsville. Players will be captivated by “The Walking Dead” reinterpretation and will surely appreciate the dark humor of the game.

The creator of this engaging game is Sarah Northway from Bocas del Toro, Panama. In order to have gamers delight themselves in this zombpocalypse, she must obtain $25,000 / €14,718 by November 1.

For those that are new to the Rebuild series, Northway gives them the chance to play the 2011 Rebuild 2 for free or even buy the 2012 mobile version at the price of ¢99 / € 0.72 this October.

The game presents a world that has faced a zombie apocalypse, making people go into hiding. It is a slow-paced game where users must face various difficulties such as managing supplies, crazy cults while trying to stay away from the insatiable undead.

Being played by millions of people on their phones and browsers, the popularity of the original game increased. As a result, fans have showed interest in playing a new and improved Rebuild.

The Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville will be released on Steam for PC as well as Mac and will be the first download game in the Rebuild series. Of course, there will be new features available, some of them being: new graphical style, survivor perks, new skill systems as well as the option to play in real-time.

These are a few of the large amount of new features that will surely enchant the eyes of all Rebuild fans. By teaming up with lead artist from Steamroller Studios, Adam Meyer, and Sara Gross (aka Two Bit art), Northway has managed to move things to a whole new level.

Therefore, one can see that in order to bring the game to as many new players as possible, the artwork requires a lot of attention.

In the spirit of fair play, Sarah Northway decided to be the first to show people how it's done and pledged 5% of the profits to future Kickstarter projects.

Other goals have also been set, such as the amount of $35.000 / €22,078 for extra factions that include rival NPC gangs, The Suffragettes and the Pharmacists.

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