Strangers Help Man Rescue His Dog from a Shelter

Dave Thomas needed $400 to get his dog back, people agreed to donate

This past Friday, Dave Thomas from San Bernardino, California got arrested on account of not making an appearance in court to deal with some accusations filed against him following his being found guilty of two traffic violations.

Unfortunately, this led to the man’s 2-year-old pit bull being taken to a local animal shelter, simply because local police officers and animal control employees decided to label Buzz as a stray.

Soon after being set free by the police, Dave Thomas rushed to the animal shelter, hoping to get his dog back.

However, the people working for the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter told him that, in order to be reunited with Buzz, he would have to cough up about $400 (roughly €300).

Seeing how he did not have this much money, Dave Thomas immediately realized that he had every chance of losing his dog.

Luckily for him, dog lover and photographer Maria Sanchez also found herself at the shelter, and agreed to lend him a helping hand.

Thus, this woman took a picture of Dave Thomas and Buzz and posted it on Facebook. As KABC-TV/DT reports, this led to several donations being made by people who took a special interest in Dave Thomas' story.

This past Monday night, Maria Sanchez managed to get hold of Dave and told him about how several strangers had agreed to help him get his dog back.

On Tuesday, Maria and Dave met at the animal shelter and Buzz got rescued.

“God bless you darling,” Dave Thomas told Maria Sanchez when learning that he would soon get his dog back.

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