Strange Wireless Server from Sony Looks Anything But – Video

The WG-C10 would be mistaken for an external storage device if not for is many ports

If we didn't know better, we'd be tempted to say that IT players have chosen to alternate their product releases by day. The device that Sony has just released is both like and unlike the ones revealed yesterday (February 6, 2013).

Gigabyte, Thecus and QNAP have all released servers, but they were of the network-attached variety (NAS for short).

Now, Sony has released a very different sort of server, one that gets its name for its connectivity abilities, not for its design.

Indeed, the WG-C10, as the product is called, looks more like an external hard drive or SSD with many ports and slots, not a NAS or server PC.

Still, a server it is, one that sustains a wireless link with a computer and can accept USB links from any sort of storage device (USB flash drives, USB external hard disk drives). The server can also read SD memory cards.

The wireless link can be made with a tablet or smartphone as well, as long as Wi-Fi technology is available. If it isn't, a USB connector can be sacrificed instead.

Up to 8 devices and computers can become interlinked, thanks to the existence of one microUSB 2.0 port, one full USB 2.0 port, a memory card slot and, of course, the wireless router.

Sony has even tossed in a 2210 mAh lithium-ion battery, which provides the networking energy and whatever power is needed for the installed HDD or whatever else. Even USB charging is possible (the server can play the secondary role of portable battery pack).

In layman terms, buyers can link the server to a PC or other computing device via Wi-Fi, and then insert a storage device in it, or more. Depending on how it is done, the WG-C10 can become a pocket storage device.

Another asset is the ability to affect data on two connected storage units at once, like transferring files from the connected SD card to a connected USB flash drive, though a tablet, phone or PC will still be needed to initiate the process.

Sales will start on April 30, 2013, but availability may initially be restricted to Japan, where the price will be of 9,000 Yen ($97 / 71.82 Euro).

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